It is time to surrender to the wisdom of the Earth.

Our first mother is calling to us, deeply. Can you hear? Slow down, she says. Breathe. Listen. Can you hear? In stillness you will. The flowers, the plants, the trees, the rocks, they are speaking to us. Calling to us to connect and receive. To learn from their wisdom. To take in their gifts and allow their frequencies to heal what has become unhealed within us. Each is specifically tuned to the Universe’s wisdom and has a gift, unique to itself, to offer. A vibration, a frequency that is calling to us so that we might attune and remember. Bringing us back to that moment of Pure Conception.


My work is to do the listening for you. The earth and her first children speak to me; their frequencies calling your name. For your perfect remembering. I am but the channel through which they vibrate to take form for your use. We offer you our love and support. Your perfect blend of Pure Conception is waiting for you. Blended from the essences of your kindred spirits: plants, trees, flowers, stones. Can you hear them calling your name?


Pure Conception Flower Frequency was conceived as a support system for your Akashic Reading. Akashic sessions work on the energy and vibration of your Akashic Records. In our session, a specific frequency is created that then connects with the frequency and vibrations of the flowers and plant essences that I have in my arsenal. As the conduit for these energies and vibrations, I bring them together to create the perfect bespoke blend that is a pure reflection of you at this very moment. Your blend will offer you the exact support your system needs post-session. When scheduling you will have the option to choose an Akashic Reading + Flower Frequency if you would like to have a Flower Frequency included with your reading. For those who would like to experience the magic of a bespoke Pure Conception flower frequency without an Akashic Reading, I’ve made that option available in the booking session.

“Flowers are the music of the ground
From earth's lips spoken without sound;
Flowers are as music, silent, deep
Oxlyps, marigolds, music men keep
In pots and vases, beds and jars
Music as though they were bundles of stars!”

~ Edwin Curran

Flower Frequency FAQ

1. What’s the difference between a Flower Essence and Flower Frequency?
Flower Frequencies are made in the same manner as Flower Essences. They are vibrational offerings from flowers and plants. What differentiates them is how I curate the Frequencies. When blending, I rely on the vibrational message I’m receiving from the plant. Essentially I’m calling together my frequency, the plants’ frequencies and your frequency to create the perfect blend. Listening to the sounds and vibrations of the plants energy fields, as well as your own, to create the perfect blend.

2. How do Flower Frequencies work? This is the magic of the Universe. Truly. We are vibrational beings at our essence, as is every living thing on our planet. Flower Frequencies work at the most subtle level to help offer healing and support based on their unique coding. The way I like to think of it is sometimes we begin, at our subtle levels, to vibrate out of alignment with our coded frequencies. The flowers and plants help to attune and bring us back into alignment. Sometimes the shifts can feel so subtle. Other times, much less so.

3. Will a Flower Frequency interact with my medication or have any contraindications? No. Since this is vibrational medicine, there are no contraindications.

4. What is a Flower Frequency made of? Ingredients include spring water, flower essences and minimal amounts of pure, biodynamic Brandy for preservation purposes.

5. How do I take my Flower Frequency?
Instructions will be included with your bottle, but generally, dropper under the tongue, 4 drops, 3-4 times a day until complete or you feel complete.

6. How long does the remedy take to work?
Flower Frequencies power to support healing lies in consistent use, almost like building muscle strength. The power increases over time, therefore, most remedies will reveal their work in about three weeks, though it is possible to experience shifts prior to that.

7. What is the dosage?
Generally 4 drops, 3-4 times a day.

8. How long will my bottle last?
A bottle taken as directed will last at least a month.

9. Is a Flower Frequency safe to use during pregnancy and nursing?
Yes. And in this case there is a non-alcohol version available using vinegar as the preservative.

10. Are Flower Frequencies safe for people with certain allergies?
Yes. Because this is vibrational medicine, the frequencies contain the most minute, trace versions of the plants and flowers.

11. What if I cannot take alcohol?
As stated above for those who are pregnant or nursing, anyone who cannot take alcohol has the option to have their frequency preserved with vinegar.

12. What will it feel like to take a Flower Frequency?
That depends. Everyone’s experience is unique to them. I would suggest to take time each day while taking your frequency to check in and ask yourself, how does this feel?

13. Can I take my Flower Frequency at the same time as another Flower Essence?
I would recommend taking one frequency at a time and not combining it with another essence or frequency I have created. Allow the magic of the blend its time to shine and show you the way.


Melanie Herring and Pure Conception Flower Frequencies do not offer medical or psychological advice. All information offered is for educational purposes only. The site product, referred to as Flower Frequency, is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Akashic Readings and Flower Frequencies are a complement to traditional medical/psychiatric treatments, and NOT a replacement. Akashic Readings and Flower Frequencies are meant to help you achieve wholeness in conjunction with whatever medical treatments your doctor has prescribed. For serious medical conditions or emergencies, please consult your physician.

By choosing to receive a reading by me, you consent to the understanding that you ultimately have free will and choice through every decision you make post session. I am simply here to highlight potential possibilities.

Terms & Conditions
I consent that I am in good physical health and of sound mind, and do not suffer from any condition that would hinder my participation in a Reading or receiving a Flower Frequency with/from Melanie Herring. I understand that my participation in sessions offered by Melanie Herring are strictly for entertainment purposes and understand any personal medical concerns are under the care of a medical professional. Any advice given is ultimately determined by my own free will and I release any liability to sue Melanie Herring. My participation in all activities, including Akashic Reading and Flower Frequencies, is confirmation that I am fully responsible for any and all risks, injuries or damages known or unknown without limitation. By showing up for my appointment with Melanie Herring or receiving a Flower Frequency, I acknowledge that I have read and completely understand the terms of the release, that I am legally of sound mind, and voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

Cancellation Policy
All changes/cancellations must be requested 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. No refunds or credits will be issued after this time. Arrivals on day of appointment later than 15 minutes of start time will result in a full cancellation. By scheduling an appointment with me, you signal your understanding of these terms.