I first heard of the Akashic Records in 2007 when a dear friend and healer suggested they could be of help to me. I didn’t know much about them at the time. What I did know is that the idea of them scared me. Much like tarot. I didn’t want to hear anything I wasn’t ready to hear. And I didn’t want to open the door to some unseen force that could wreak havoc in my life. Which is so amusing to me now, because I was doing a pretty good job wreaking havoc on my own!

Fast forward 7 years or so, the records re-entered my life through a friend who worked as a hypnotist and read Records as well. I remember thinking that she could look at me and know all my secrets and maybe even my future. I felt like it gave her some sort of mystical, magical power. And it scared me. And intrigued me.

And fast forward again to 2019. I was working at a Goop event as a facialist, arriving early before everyone else. Everyone that is except a woman named Ingrid Young. We entered an elevator together and my life has never been the same since. She was there as an Akashic reader and it was my reading with her that eradicated all fear of the Records. I came out of my session with Ingrid feeling like it was the most elevated coaching session I had ever experienced. I wondered what my life would have looked like if I had been open to receiving a reading so many years back and had had the support of the records to guide me forward. And I wondered what life would be like for everyone on this planet if they had the experience of seeing themselves through the eyes of the Records; their Records. It wasn’t long after my first reading that I decided I wanted to learn to read the Akashic Records and add them to my work as a facialist, which already included energy work and channeling as part of what I call Soul Facials. Having the Akashic Records as part of my tool kit felt like an extremely powerful and actionable way to support women in accessing their “soul truth” in service of healing. So I signed up to learn with a woman, Andye Murphy, whose name had crossed my path a few years prior. Andye taught me that the records operate under the tenants of love and truth. That they will never show you anything you are not ready to receive or integrate into your life. That there is absolutely nothing to fear about connecting to the beauty of your records. This is something I would like to repeat for emphasis: There is nothing to fear about connecting with your Records. They will never share information you are not ready or able to receive.

So what are the Akashic Records?

I always say that there is an intellectual understanding and a felt understanding of the Records. The latter requires that you actually enter your Records and experience the magic for yourself. The former is just a google search away. If you were to google Akashic Records you would learn that they exist in what is known as the Akashic Field. And the Akashic Field is a web of all existence. It is the “body of the Universe”. And within this body or field floats innumerable subatomic particles that are constantly vibrating, collecting, recording information and creating a web or library of existence. And that library of existence is the Akashic Records. And every single human on this planet has their own records. Sometimes I like to think of each individual’s records as an apple tree, lush and full, laden with ripe red apples, ready to be picked. And each apple holds the nectar of truth. When we go into your records, we pull down an apple and take a bite to receive its truth and nourishment. This tree exists only to feed you. To nourish you. To make you whole. To fill you with your divine truth. Each apple represents a nugget of enlightenment; A new piece of truth for you to ingest and integrate.

What is a session like? To access your Records I use the prayer that was offered to me by my teacher. It is the vibration of your name that acts as the key to unlock your records. Once the prayer is recited, we have been given access to your Records. And it is here that I like to say you and I have entered The Hall of Mirrors, which is my name for the Akashic Records given to me by my Akashic Records. In this Hall, we are offered the opportunity to find the mirror that you most need to see and experience at this moment in your life. My role in our time together is to be the most glorious reflective surface available to you. That by channeling the information from your Records, I am simply reflecting the truth of YOU to you. And your job is to gaze deeply into this truth and receive. It is my great honor to be your mirror in this process and I work to have the highest level of integrity so that your mirror is a resplendent reflection of you.

How does it work? There are four ways that I receive information from your Records. The first is through vision. I will see scenarios or images in my mind’s eye. The second is through sound. I often hear snippets of music or poems or TV shows. The third is through sensation. I can feel and experience the emotions that are being held in your body and need to be addressed in order to help you ascend to a greater experience of freedom in your life. And lastly, pure knowing. Often the Records will speak directly through me. In being your mirror and reflecting all of this to you, my job is to get out of the way and allow it all to come through.

During your session I will ask you to play detective with me. It’s like we’re both grabbing flashlights and looking under the covers together. The information I receive is for you and often I can’t fully know the significance of something because it is for you. For example, I once saw a corn field and people eating corn, raw corn specifically, during a session. I had no idea what this meant. But once I shared it with my client I learned that she grew up next to a corn field and corn, specifically raw corn, was a big deal to her family. This information helped us to unpack what came next. But we had to work together to get there. Why do I mention this? Because many people believe the Records are a source of divination and come to a session expecting to be told secrets or to receive a prediction for their lives. It’s the reason I wouldn’t work with the Records for so long: I didn’t want something predicting my life to me. But once I experienced the Records myself, as I mentioned earlier, I came away describing them as an elevated coaching session. And that, in my great experience, is a very apt description. No good coach would have you come to a session and sit by passively while they did the work for you. Entering your Records asks you to be involved. To help solve your mysteries. To empower yourself to heal and grow. Neither Records, nor I, are here for you to give your power away. The Records are here to empower you. And that is exactly the gift I work to help you receive during a session: self empowerment.

What does a session ultimately offer?

Greater self understanding. Clearer knowing. A way forward. Connection to your true knowing. The Love of the Universe. And through all this, ultimately, the experience of freedom. Because in truth and love there is great freedom. And my most heartfelt  wish is for us all to know the experience of true freedom in our lifetime.



I wanted to send you a note to say how much I loved and appreciated our session. You opened up the exact doors I was looking for and did it with so much love and with a sense of sisterhood that is clearly so innate to you. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with so many people - although it is so clear how much you love what you do, it is not lost on me what you are personally giving in mind, body and spirit to do your work. I am very humbled! -SB

I've had the opportunity to meet with Melanie a few times. She provides a welcoming and warm environment that makes you feel very comfortable, allowing you to be open and vulnerable to receive information. The Akashic Records reading was a first for me and positive. It was a new and interesting way to connect with your guides. Definitely recommend this approach if you are feeling stuck and seeking guidance.  -MM

A session with Melanie is a powerful and divine experience of pure insight within the setting of healing energy.
I reached out to Melanie as I was seeking clarity and guidance, moving through a life transition, to understand where to focus my attention and energy. Melanie inspired me with her clear seeing and love-filled powers, illuminating my path, making everything visual and crystal clear for me. She also connectedme with my ancestors, who I always had difficulties embracing. After the session, a greater sense of connectedness and empowerment has been awakened in me, and my life work is now beginning to take shape.
Melanie is an angel, bathing you in light and healing energy while she at the same time keeps it real,  supporting you in applying the insight, which she shares, into your daily life. Her readings help you connect with the version of yourself that you are born to be.- Para Soerensen Parris

Wow my session with Melanie was heart opening. She not only has a loving and gentle energy but she was so accurate on the guidance she was able to channel. From my grandfather who recently passed away to my career. She was able to pinpoint things only I know about. The session was a great affirmation to trust my inner knowing. It provided me great comfort and confidence to go forward. I would recommend this to anyone looking for clarity and healing in their lives. - Natalia Fonseca Pascual

My Akashic reading with Melanie came at a time when I felt like I really needed a sign that things were going in the direction I hoped they were, and her reading gave me the ability to lean in and trust that my choices had brought me to the path I am meant to be on.  Her gentle openness to accepting the messages coming through and then capturing them to quickly express them to me was very masterful, and all of her information she received from the records has turned out to be completely true. I’m so grateful she helped me to believe a little more in the energies and forces cradling us all, even though we can’t always see them. -Aviva

I’ve connected with Melanie throughout the years and every connection seems to be in perfect alignment with my spiritual growth. This was my first Akashic Reading and I was honored to have Melanie leading it. Of course, everything Melanie channeled, I already knew, deep down, yet I needed that external reassurance and validation from a trusted soul. I ended the session feeling so clear and in my power, my knowing. Every day, I walk more and more confidently on my path and I have Melanie and her divine gifts to thank for this. -CB

My Akashic Records session with Melanie was nothing short of life affirming. Her intuitive abilities, while completely astute, are also warm, nurturing and supportive - I felt like I was sitting with a close sibling/best friend throughout my session and during other services I've received from her. I've never trusted someone so much with what they brought forward and presented to me and without even realizing it, months beyond our session, these actions and observations have rolled out and taken place and I am a better person because of it. Melanie is also wonderful with follow ups, suggesting reading and healers to look into to further help you with your journey. She is, without a doubt, truly gifted at what she does and I am forever grateful to have found her and received sessions from her.
- Katy

Thank you so much for the reading. I cried, I shifted, I released, and I surrendered. I received/accepted. Prior, everything was floating around in fragmented pieces or in flashing random sequences. The reading pulled everything together ---> Pure Conception + Pure Being<--!!!  Hearing you explain my contract for this life gave me permission to embrace the abundance of ease I always imagined life could/should be.  I started practicing Pure Being and will continue to focus on the Sun and let it power me and my solar plexus!! - Anonymous

When I lived in New York and received facials from Melanie, she always had a knack for speaking words to me that I needed to hear in the moment. It made sense then, when I was feeling a little lost and learned about her work with the Akashic Records, that I reach out. I had no idea what to expect and still don’t know what to feel oftentimes about the words I’ve received, but Melanie and the Records have helped me find clarity when I had none and gave me hope when mine was fading. More than anything our sessions reinforced what I knew to be true about myself and my work deep down that I needed to hear out loud so I could start believing them to be true. -Lisa

Melanie’s power is in her hands and eyes. She has a way of looking at you that you instantly feel seen, heard and recognized. Every time I see her I feel more at ease and at peace with my skin, and therefore, who I am. Thank you for your gift and sharing it. -Marine Sélénée

I know I’ve said this before but Akashic Records and Access Bars are game changers - at least for me. I want you to know that you are doing something that is so helpful and magical for others. I see our sessions as catalysts and puzzle pieces that are helping me get closer to my dreams and goals. I’m so open to receiving whatever comes up in both because I trust you so completely. Both of those systems of working with energy and spirit are unquestionably the best I’ve ever had. I can’t think of a reader, astrologer or even reiki master that has delivered as much goodness and knowledge. AND it’s not just the message it’s the medium too. - AO

I walked into the session with no expectations or pretense. Just thinking it'd be a fun, new way to practice self-care. But then Melanie offered me the opportunity to open my Akashic Records. I took it, not really knowing what to expect. And I am so incredibly grateful that I did, because not only was I able to access my deepest inner self, but I spoke to my father, who took his own life when I was 13. With suicide, there is so much grief and misplaced trauma, and in this session I was able to simultaneously find peace and let go, which makes me feel closer to him than ever.

This session did more healing in 2 hours than 2 years of traditional therapy. And it truly inspired, energized, and invigorated my soul and heart in ways I've never experienced before. True, deep spiritual healing. I am forever grateful to Melanie and her incredible work, connection, love, and insight. She is magic. - Anonymous

I reached out to Melanie for an Akashic Reading after receiving a facial with her last year. I had no idea what the practice entailed or what to expect, but Melanie thoroughly explained what our time would look like, and allowed me to open up to the process and all its possibilities. Ideas and energies that had felt stagnant totally opened up after her powerful but calming reading, where it feels like she can see right through you. Although 2020 has been a time of upheaval, after our session together so many ideas I had been sleeping on woke up and crystalized. She helped give me the clarity to move forward in a new career path and a move to a different city. And as I look back on the session, I keep finding little things popping up in my life now that she predicted months ago. I can't recommend a Reading with her enough.- Kyra

Melanie is such a spiritual soul in everyway. She listens, she feels, she sees and speaks. The session we had together during the first lockdown here in France was very mindblowing as no one ever knew what she told me: the wild little girl wanting to connect, dance wild under the rain.
I did what the Akashic Records recommended and I am now reaching another threshold of my soul. I highly recommend Melanie in all Her work as to me she is such a profound, compassionate, mature, beautiful Human Soul on Earth. - Caroline Bertrand

My Akashic Records reading with Melanie was the medicine I needed in that moment. Months later, I’m looking back at just how much the themes we talked about have presented themselves in different ways and am still finding wisdom in the advice. I was touched by the amount of physicality involved in Melanie’s reading and find that it’s the basis for deeper chakra healing that I’m still working with. Thank you for sharing your gift! - Leah

I am the first person to call everything a hoax. When my friend told me I needed to meet Melanie, I agreed but with absolute trepidation. After two minutes of her opening the records, not only was I blown away by the astute information, but was open to hearing advice I’d been possibly given my whole life but heard in a new and accessible way. Melanie’s gift of interpreting the records with both a gentle yet direct manner both gave me renewed hope and verve for moving forward in a proactive and positive direction that felt clear and focused towards goals I've long felt and never realized. - Heidi - Sunshine Amagansett

The Akashic Readings are unlike anything I have ever experienced! It has changed how I view myself and my life in a deep way. It has also been very helpful in a time of my life where I felt extremely overwhelmed and lost. Melanie is so kind and loving; and has a way of holding space and communicating that is rare to find. I can't recommend it enough! - Lianca

Within this wonderful, wacky world of woo, Melanie is someone I consider to be 'the real deal'– not a dabbler, nor an egoist, nor one of the many fame-starved unhealed healers I've witnessed in the world. A beacon of light living her human purpose, she sees clearly, guides gently, and steps out of the way in service of spirit. To have a reading with Melanie is to feel completely seen in the most compassionate and practical of ways. I am stronger for having received the most resonant reminder of who I am in this life. Our brief time together was one of my most cherished hours— and what came through continues to support, comfort and guide me as I return to it time and again. Melanie, you are such a light. But more than that, a most sincere way-shower of the utmost integrity. Thank you for answering the call and finding your way to me. Heaps of appreciation, love and blessings – xx Kim