I’m so happy and honored to have you here. This space, my website, is an extension of my heart and my love for the work I do. Rather than offer you a bullet list of what I’ve studied and my path to this work, I would rather share my deepest desire for you. I trust wholeheartedly that the Universe called me to this vocation of service in order to help facilitate the healing journey we are all called to embark upon at some point in our human lives. Through Akashic Readings and the creation of Flower Frequencies, I am simply but a channel for how the Universe would like to communicate with you at this moment, guiding you back to your perfection.

I’ve named my Flower Frequencies Pure Conception in honor of the fact that we are all born as pure expressions of the Universe, in a moment of Pure Conception. And throughout our lives, we are offered opportunities again and again to create anew, as the creators of our personal universe. Pure Conception is an invitation to create continuously from that space, just like the Universe itself, just as you were. And I know, Life happens. We forget our power. And I believe what we truly desire, each and every one of us, is to return to that space of trusting in the divinity of our existence and living in our divine power.

I’m here to help you reconnect and move forward in your life as that pure expression of your divinity. Working with the Akashic Records, the Hall of Mirrors, is my way of channeling the clearest, most loving guidance available to you. As ballet dancers use the mirror to reflect the truth of the moment back to themselves so they may continue to grow in their beauty and power as dancers, I offer the Hall of Mirrors to you so that you may see yourself more clearly than ever and make choices based on and live from your Truth.

I believe in the transformational power of this work, with my entire being. It holds the key to unlock the doors that have seemed impenetrable. It is life-changing and life-giving.

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