My Backstory with the Records

I first heard of the Akashic Records in 2007 when a dear friend and healer suggested they could be of help to me. I didn’t know much about them at the time. What I did know is that the idea of the Records scared me. Much like tarot. I didn’t want to hear anything I wasn’t ready to hear. And I didn’t want to open the door to some unseen force that could wreak havoc in my life. Which is so amusing to me now, because I was doing a pretty good job wreaking havoc on my own!

Fast forward 7 years or so, the Records re-entered my life through a friend who worked as a hypnotist and Akashic reader. I remember thinking that just by looking at me, she would know all of my secrets and maybe even my future. I felt like it gave her some sort of mystical, magical power. It scared me. And intrigued me.

Fast forward again to February 2019. I was working at a Goop event as a facialist and I met a  woman named Ingrid Young who was there as an Akashic reader. Ingrid read my Records and eradicated all fear. My reading felt like the most elevated coaching session I had ever experienced. I wondered how my journey might have been different had I been open to receiving a reading so many years back. I wondered what life would be like for everyone on this planet if they had the experience of seeing themselves through the eyes of their Records. I decided to add Akashic Readings to my facial tool kit, which already included energy work and channeling. The Akashic Records felt like an extremely powerful and actionable way to support women in accessing their “Soul Truth”, the underlying tenet of my facial work. I chose to study with Andye Murphy and she taught me that the Records operate under the principles of love and truth. That they will never show you anything you are not ready to receive or integrate into your life. That there is absolutely nothing to fear about connecting to the beauty of your Records.

This is something I would like to repeat for emphasis: There is nothing to fear about connecting with your Records. I’ve learned this through my own personal experience, but also through the hundreds of readings I have done for others. You are beautiful. The truth of you is beautiful. The Records are here to remind you because chances are you have forgotten. We all arrived here as a spark of Pure Conception, a pure expression of the Universe. And by journeying into the Hall of Mirrors, we discover exactly what that Truth looks like.

Before stepping into work as a full-time Akashic reader and channeler, I was a holistic esthetician, offering a very special form of facials which worked on the skin from the inside out. When I entered the world of skin I knew that I wanted to work differently. To me, beauty is about the health of our soul and how that health works to create balance within our bodies and in the world around us. I believe that when a woman feels well at her soul level, she radiates beauty effortlessly. My facials were never about fixing a problem. They were about remembering and releasing anything that wasn’t true in service of beauty and health. My sessions, called Soul Facials, included energy work, channeling, intuitive massage and enormous doses of love as the antidote to the demands of modern life. Clients came to me under the guise of facials, but it was really the “woo” stuff that created the commitment to and demand for my work. Before I knew it, the channeling became the focal point of my facial sessions. And once I invited the Akashic Records into my practice, I had a formal framework through which to offer the support and guidance clients had been coming to me for years to experience. A new and beautiful path presented itself.

Prior to becoming an esthetician, I studied Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and Integrative coaching working with the Shadow. My holistic esthetician training took me into the world of herbs and flower essences. All of these practices and studies have informed who I am and how I practice my work.

And what about the facials, you might ask. Where have they gone? If you’d like to know about them or are interested in receiving one, reach out to me directly.

And lastly, as a human on this planet, I am deeply committed to doing my own work. I have been since my early 20’s and continue to do so, daily. I also acknowledge the privilege of my skin color, the inequality in this world and within the world of the wellness industry. I am one spoke on a wheel of my talented, gifted, diverse humans and healers. I thank you for trusting me with your journey. And in return for the privilege of my position and opportunity to be of service, I donate a portion of my income, monthly, to organizations who support and work tirelessly for the environment and social justice, making the world a safer, healthier, more equitable place for all.