“Melanie is an angel, bathing you in light and healing energy while she at the same time keeps it real, supporting you in applying the insight which she shares, into your daily life. Her readings help you connect with the version of yourself that you are born to be.”

- Para Soerensen Parris

“You opened up the exact doors I was looking for and did it with so much love and with a sense of sisterhood that is clearly so innate to you. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with so many people - although it is so clear how much you love what you do, it is not lost on me what you are personally giving in mind, body and spirit to do your work”

- S.B.

“Wow my session with Melanie was heart opening. She not only has a loving and gentle energy but she was so accurate on the guidance she was able to channel.”

- Natalia Fonseca Pascual

“Melanie’s gentle openness to accepting the messages coming through and then capturing them to quickly express them to me was very masterful, and all of the information she received from the records has turned out to be completely true. I’m so grateful she helped me to believe a little more in the energies and forces cradling us all, even though we can’t always see them.”

- Aviva

“Everything Melanie channeled, I already knew, deep down, yet I needed that external reassurance and validation from a trusted soul. I ended the session feeling so clear and in my power, my knowing.”

- C.B.

“My Akashic Records session with Melanie was nothing short of life affirming. Her intuitive abilities, while completely astute, are also warm, nurturing and supportive...I've never trusted someone so much with what they brought forward and presented to me and without even realizing it, months beyond our session, these actions and observations have rolled out and taken place and I am a better person because of it.”

- Katy

“Melanie and the Records have helped me find clarity when I had none and gave me hope when mine was fading. More than anything our sessions reinforced what I knew to be true about myself and my work deep down that I needed to hear out loud so I could start believing them to be true.”

- Lisa

“This session did more healing in 2 hours than 2 years of traditional therapy. And it truly inspired, energized, and invigorated my soul and heart in ways I've never experienced before. True, deep spiritual healing. I am forever grateful to Melanie and her incredible work, connection, love, and insight. She is magic.”

- Anonymous

“Melanie thoroughly explained what our time would look like, and allowed me to open up to the process and all its possibilities. Ideas and energies that had felt stagnant totally opened up after her powerful but calming reading, where it feels like she can see right through you.”

- Kyra

“I did what the Akashic Records recommended and I am now reaching another threshold of my soul. I highly recommend Melanie in all Her work as to me she is such a profound, compassionate, mature, beautiful Human Soul on Earth.”

- Caroline Bertrand

“My Akashic Records reading with Melanie was the medicine I needed in that moment. Months later, I’m looking back at just how much the themes we talked about have presented themselves in different ways and am still finding wisdom in the advice.”

- Leah

“Melanie is so kind and loving; and has a way of holding space and communicating that is rare to find. I can't recommend it enough!”

- Lianca

“Within this wonderful, wacky world of woo, Melanie is someone I consider to be 'the real deal'– not a dabbler, nor an egoist, nor one of the many fame-starved unhealed healers I've witnessed in the world. A beacon of light living her human purpose, she sees clearly, guides gently, and steps out of the way in service of spirit. To have a reading with Melanie is to feel completely seen in the most compassionate and practical of ways. I am stronger for having received the most resonant reminder of who I am in this life.”

- Kim

“Melanie is doing something that is so helpful and magical for others. I see our sessions as catalysts and puzzle pieces that are helping me get closer to my dreams and goals...I can’t think of a reader, astrologer or even reiki master that has delivered as much goodness and knowledge. AND it’s not just the message it’s the medium too.”

- A.O.