I first started seeing Melanie for facials three years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. We discussed not only my skin concerns, but about how I felt as a human being and soon-to-be new mom. I always emerge from our sessions feeling more hopeful and lighter—emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Melanie knows that we are all more than what we show on the surface, and she creates an inviting and safe space to mend our skin and our souls. She is truly devoted to caring for her clients, and I feel incredibly lucky to have met her and have her as a part of my life. You will feel better about yourself and life after seeing Melanie; I can't recommend her enough.
– Amy Cao, Brooklyn, NY

Working with Melanie has made my skin, my spirit, and my heart so happy. She is a very gifted intuitive who has a deep capacity for healing. Every time I leave my session with her I feel seen, supported and like I’m exactly where I need to be. She does a great job at understanding where I am in life and guiding me toward my highest potential. I’ve learned to prioritize her work because they’ve been so healing for me. I make the investment in regular sessions with her because they’re so transformational. She is truly magic! - Anonymous
Melanie has such a lovely touch about her. When immediately in her presence, calm comes over me, speech slows, and my breathing relaxed. First meeting her in early 2016, I was struggling with adult acne and the horrible impacts on self-esteem. While we worked together on improving my skin regimen, and her facials were heavenly, we also discussed self-acceptance and self-love. Without a doubt, it was the holistic combination that changed my skin within a 6 month period. This was the first time, in an on-again-off-again 15 year period, that I didn't use harsh face washes nor pills/antibiotics of any kind. Such a relief, and my skin has glowed ever since. Though I've moved from NYC, I always fit her into my schedule when I'm back in town. Absolutely recommend Melanie to anyone, who at the least wants a quality facial, and at the most, wants to feel like you're wrapped in a warm blanket. -Kelly Z

I was given “a facial” for my birthday. But what I was actually given was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. - Anoymous